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Jakarta, Indonesia


Born in 1984, Eko Bintang is an illustrator and art director based in Jakarta, Indonesia. His works have long depicted our day-to-day experiences as they reflect on the attachments we have with our surroundings. Drawing towards objects with a nostalgic value, his illustrations exist as a time capsule that holds a collection of lost and found memories.


Coalesced against vacant backgrounds are muted expressions of the male figure that evoke tranquillity and introspection. Eko’s use of faded colours creates a timeless effect – a poetic imagery that reminds us to hold on to the things we love. In this exhibition, the artist works with paper and wood board detailing the new habits he discovered amidst quarantine to find the balance between angst and comfort.

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Bandung, Indonesia


Trio Muharam is an emerging artist based in Bandung, whose distinctive style is identified through his use of yellow tones. His works are an in-depth exploration of our internal and external issues projected through a mapping technique. Capturing all kinds of social distortions and finding the middle ground between beauty and chaos, he views art as a spectacle media that can nurture dialogues and facilitate social spaces.

For this exhibition, Trio’s works speak of his experience in understanding our current situation. The large action paintings focus on exposing the different stages of desolation during the pandemic, as creating helped the artist steer himself towards acceptance.



Semarang, Indonesia


Mutiara Riswari is an emerging artist born in 1998 from Semarang, who is now based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Inspired by Jagat Alit's philosophy, which originated from Javanese culture, her work is a gestural tale that describes humans as microcosmos – beings who are an inseparable part of the universe. The artist reveals a visual poetry of the interconnectivity between humans and nature where painted lines bleed and submerge into neighbouring colours.

Further encompassed within her work are themes of spirituality. The spontaneity of her strokes is a form of release and therapy where a transferral of energy occurs. For this exhibition, Mutiara’s works convey a sense of hope and enlightenment towards our current situation.

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Bali, Indonesia


Putu Surya Dharma Putra, also known as Surya, was born in Denpasar, Bali and is a contemporary, abstract and surrealist illustrator. His work expresses the chaotic yet alluring nature of our surroundings – communicating the invisible forces of our existence. His use of vibrant colours is a binary between Balinese and Japanese traditional art, as they are literate representations of mythical creatures from these cultures.


Working with different mediums, the series of work he creates for this exhibition interlaces our historical, societal and personal narratives in contemporary form.



Jakarta, Indonesia


Prayogo Yoedo is a Jakarta-based artist working in visual art and photography. Inspired by life objects and contemporary society, he creates still life images that challenge human personalities. His use of over-saturated colours that entail a hyper-realistic mood reflects on the visual elements of the advertising industry.


The artist's series of work photographed during and post-quarantine reveals a period of self-exploration – questioning the viewer to form their own meanings associated with these objects.

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Bali, Indonesia


Andre Yoga is a Bali-based painter and illustrator who gathers observations from his everyday life. Gradually moving from different mediums, his practice began with dot works and pointillism to paintings that incorporate collaging techniques.

As Andre’s works revolve around modern-day mythologies coiled with idiosyncratic views towards society, they project current social issues and cultural values. His subjects are often compounded with contrasting imageries, where the polarity of elements are symbolic references of our surroundings. Subtly nuanced by Balinese influences, the work he creates for this exhibition take you on a self-imposing journey to explore your own unique view of the world.

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