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Trio Muharam is an emerging artist based in Bandung, whose distinctive style is identified through his use of yellow tones. His works are an in-depth exploration of internal and external matters projected through a mapping technique. Capturing all kinds of social distortions and finding the middle ground between beauty and chaos, he views art as a spectacle media which has the ability to nurture dialogues and facilitate social spaces. 

As an artist, designer, writer and project manager, Trio has joined several art communities in Solo, Jakarta and Bandung. His latest exhibitions include 'Mantra' (2020), 'The Cube' (2020) 3D Gallery, and 'Bijaba (Biennale Jawa Barat' (2019).

"'Pindai Anomali' is a series of work where I attempt to actualise the experiences we encounter throughout the pandemic, by observing a shift in patterns within society (including oneself). It raises many questions that eventually lead to a process of mapping them out across my work."

- Trio

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