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Shiddiq Machmud, the co-founder of DUĒ HATUĒ, is a tattoo artist from East Borneo, Indonesia, who is best known for his combination of surrealist and tribal patterned ink works. They bear influences from various parts of Indonesia whilst integrating Russian Jail tattoos, as he aims to harmonise different cultures together as one. Fusing animal-like figures with human faces, his work transcends beyond conventional approaches to art as a means to preserve Indonesian culture by merging the old with the new; the South-East with the West – all the while still maintaining the strong identity of his cultural heritage.


In his first group show with Cakravala, Shiddiq experiments with photography and adds a recurring effect to the Dayak Hudoq mask and Sumatran Suntiang crown. Echoing the stories of his tribe, the technique symbolises an unbroken chain of tales and tradition transported through time and place.

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