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Samira Rolloos is a half-Dutch, half-Indonesian emerging artist based in Jakarta. Throughout the years, she has moved between different countries: Trinidad and Tobago, Bangladesh and the Netherlands. Her background in textile design and adjusting to different cultures has formed her distinctive use of layered effects. Her works are coated with stories and experiences; thoughts and concepts. As you peel through each surface, you dive deep into the subject of human emotions and contemporary societal narratives. The artist's repetitive use of forms becomes a figment of different meanings and associations that only the observer can construe.   


Samira studied Fashion & Textile Design at the Royal Academy in The Hague.


“The process of creating something from nothing and making it visible to the audience is what drives me as an artist. The canvas is a blank sheet of paper waiting to be filled and when it comes alive, it makes my life a little more colourful each time.”


- Samira

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