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Citra Pratiwi, who goes by the name of her studio Rawraw, is a cross-disciplinary artist and curator based in Yogyakarta. Learning to produce art from local art communities, she began to develop her own style of abstract works by using thick paint and layering techniques. Starting with a liquid base, Rawraw mixes pigments with concrete to construct depth that sees her work extend beyond its own fixture. From paintings to installations, theatre performances and writing, her works reveal substance hidden beneath form, emotion, and human consciousness highlighted by her use of colour.

The series of works she created for this exhibition considers the problems of urban poverty where her accumulation of vibrant tones frame a dialogue with one another. Like a poem, they represent contrasting concepts surrounding the things she observes. 

“For me, colour is an object; colour is a form as much as it is energy”

- Rawraw

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