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When None of the Puzzle Fits #1 (2020)

  • Artist: Samira Rolloos

    Original painting (with black wooden frame)

    Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

    Size: 60cm x 80cm


    "This artwork belongs to the ‘When None of the Puzzle Fits’ series. The figures in this artwork look like one big puzzle. However, when you look closely, they don’t really fit perfectly and such is life. Our existence, our experiences and the people we meet, don’t always have a clear explanation and are often random. I feel that there is an expectation that every action and experience has to be imbued with some special meaning, and that in the end life is supposed to fit together perfectly. This puts a lot of pressure on everyone. The idea that our pieces are malleable, that everything does not have to go according to a cosmic schedule, is comforting to me"

    - Samira

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