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What Is Sanity and What's Not? (2020)

  • SESSION 1:

    "The girl who walked into nightmares When I walked through the corridors, I am as scared as a sinner who just reconciled to the Almighty Father for forgiveness. It’s like I was being condemned by someone who is higher than me. I’ve never been fully aware of what my past and my demons have done to my body, yet the ironic thing about it is that the demons are a reflection of me. It’s been almost two years since I have this kind of addiction, of mutilating myself, because of the unpredictable moods, tragedies and conditions that I’ve endured. Only now that I am letting it out to you, I realised that is how my demons welcome me into their parades."


    Artist: Imes Paskalia

    Original painting

    Medium: Oil on canvas

    Size: 80 x 100cm

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