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Shape No. 2: Concrete and Sea (2022)

  • Shape Series

    Chaos and control plays an important role in my creative process. When they meet at a certain point and goes eye to eye, the outcome appears to be something I never expected. This encourages me to accept and surrender to the final result of the work, reminding myself that every work should be seen as a process.


    I use simple math as a tool to gain control, perfection, balance, and repetition in the form of hand-stitching, to develop and study the geometric shapes that are present in most of my works. My process usually begins to flow when I have reached a stress point, as it strangely allows me to fully accept myself - helping me recognise all my abilities and limitations through the mistakes that I made.


    Artist: Satria T. Nugraha

    Original work

    Medium: Hand-stitched charcoal, gesso and screen-print on Linen

    Size: 100 x 80cm

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