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Sajak Untuk Bonnie (2021)

  • “How do they feel? How do they overcome inequality? What do they want to express?”
    These were the questions that arose as I explored the theme of urban poverty. I feel that there is a gap in understanding the issues surrounding it, where the focus is geared towards physical aspects and structure alone. Yet, I believe that the urban crisis cannot be separated from its people, as the complexity of human psychology is part of the equation that lies in the need to achieve a modernised environment.
    Inspired by a series of essays by Emha Ainun titled ‘Apa Ada Angin Di Jakarta’ and WS Rendra’s poem about urban life from the book ‘Potret Pembangunan’, the colours and gestures I create juxtaposes this overarching issue and restores hope throughout the generations to come - for them to make our environment a more compassionate and sustainable place to live in.


    Artist: Rawraw

    Original work

    Medium: Acrylic and concrete on canvas, mounted on board

    Size: 100 x 100  x 5 cm

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