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Morning Hope (2021)

  • Throughout this series of work, I recall my experience in Benoa Bay and the conversations I had with a local fisherman. I remember asking why he had not gone to the ocean to catch some fish. As we both gazed at the sea whilst drinking our coffee, he replied with “no sir, I’m waiting for a good day!”. In that moment, I reflected on the mass fishing that takes place by big cooperations targeting hundreds of tons every day, and realised the natural state of flow that our local fishermen are living in - peacefully and in harmony with nature.


    I see this fisherman as an artist, among many others who has taken care of our sea and the creatures that live within it for many generations. He enjoys the process of observing and having a dialogue with our universe. To me, this is the essence of true spirituality and the only way we can understand how to treat the natural world with respect.


    Artist: Wayan Yusa Dirgantara

    Original painting

    Medium: Mix mediaon canvas

    Size: 120 x 120cm

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