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Is It Anger or Addiction? (2020)

  • SESSION 6:

    "A confusion that triggers me all the time. I admit that my addiction is semi-criminal so I never confessed to anyone. But I’ve never known the root and cause of all these problems. Perhaps, it turned into habits. Some sort of cortisol-like hormones that just spills out of my brain, the shortcut, to numb the pain. Never resolved, as I’m just trying to minimize the pain inside my chest. The anger that I ‘locked’ for myself (and always for myself) never leaves my side. There are these burning emotions, the mental pain that causes an urge to do things recklessly. Even when I’m writing you to explain these different emotions to try to figure it out, it still seems impossible for me to."



    Artist: Imes Paskalia

    Original painting

    Medium: Oil and charcoal on canvas

    Size: 80 x 100cm

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