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German Replied (2020)

  • SESSION 4:

    "The first time I met ‘G’ and he has never left my side since then. I remember it very clearly, I was listening too focused on listening to your voice one time that I didn‘t bother to ask for your name and you mention the word ‘German’. Something vague like that. With his black coat and hands full of red, dripping from his arms into his fingers, he used to hug me and cover my body with his black shadow coat whilst telling me ”I won’t let you go. I’ll be here, I’ll protect you. You’ll be okay, as long as you’re with me.”

    Scary isn’t it? But why does it make me feel safe?"



    Artist: Imes Paskalia

    Original painting

    Medium: Oil and charcoal on canvas

    Size: 80 x 100cm

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