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Born and raised in Bali, Naomi Samara is a Javanese descendant whose innate ability to transcribe emotions through art is geared by her strong sense of curiosity and the means to explore various mediums. Working across painting, drawing, poetry and jewellery, the process of creating art or her is highly intuitive. Though she continues to explore different mediums, Naomi has always used her own body as a tool and starting point to translate internal dialogues. She is fascinated by the female body in all its beauty and potentiality, drawing on themes of power and control; heritage and identity; our state of being and transformation; intimately captured within female forms. As an artist, she seeks to become the final ‘courier’ who will continuously acquire tools and knowledge to convey ides and stories already existing within space and time. Naomi gravitates toward the approach of experiencing art as a multifaceted narrative, demonstrated through her various mediums and modes of expression.

She has taken part and curated several group and solo shows including 'Pentimento' (2019) at Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace, 'Sex In The Garden' (2016) at Ghostbird + Swoon, and 'Sacred Realms' (2015) at Biasa Artspace. 

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