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Drawing inspiration from nature and her surroundings, Irene Febry is a mixed media artist working with recycled materials and found objects. Evolving from painting to collaging, she began exploring and incorporating unconventional materials as a conceptual approach in giving them a new life. The details in Irene’s collages form an intimate experience between the observer and her work, taking us through the evolution of each substance by inviting us to look closer.


Graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore, Irene has showcased her works in group exhibitions within South-East Asia including ‘Raga Rhythm’ (2020) by Wild Skids in Bali, Indonesia and ‘Transpaper’ (2012) in Singapore.

“My inspiration comes from nature and the things around me, such as sand, stone, fungus, bacteria, insects, microorganisms, a pattern on the wall, etc. My collage always begins with a small size of paper scrap as it grows in size and detail. A growth which results in a kind of microcosm of colour and shapes on its own. They interact with one another as if forming a relationship or a new dynamic.”

- Irene

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