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Imes Paskalia is an emerging artist based in Jakarta. A translation of self-acceptance into art - her works are deeply personal to her as they are visual memories of her experiences in dealing with her mental health. Her vibrant and abstract approach in highlighting feelings and emotions, objectification of female bodies, and social issues is a form of self-acceptance that helps her progress through life.


Imes' recent and current exhibitions include 'Perspective Project x Clyde&Co' (2020) held in London, 'Suicide Loss Survivor' (2020), and 'Sangka Rekah' (2019). 

“I have a particular thought process in the way I approach my works. When most artists would do sketches or drawings, the images I portray mostly come from keywords that appear in my ‘psychosis’. From there I try to interpret my ideas and relate them to ongoing social issues.”

- Imes

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