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Along with his brother Shiddiq, Fuad Machmud is a tattoo artist from East Borneo, Indonesia, who started DUĒ HATUĒ – a Bali-based tattoo studio with a diverse team of 6 artists. His ability to work across various mediums has shaped his dynamic approach when creating an artwork. His distinctive style in photography, illustration and ink work shows the interconnection of all beings, as he is drawn to adapting to ideas and values outside of his own. Merging traditional Indonesian motifs with Mediterranean and Egyptian forms, Fuad’s work casts an ongoing dialogue between different cultures and traditions marked on the skin to form a collective approach in appreciating our roots.  


For Cakravala's second exhibition 'Tracing Culture',  the artist gives a two-dimensional perspective to his tattoo designs, as he recreates traditional ornaments to represent the cultural significance of Sumba, Palembang, Karo and Manggarai.

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