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Cakravala offers art advisory services that entail the overall curation and direction of events, exhibitions, and spaces. We source high-quality artworks by emerging Indonesian artists, create content, as well as design and conceptualise projects that align with our client's vision and values — packaged with all the legal logistics in Indonesia by collaborating with Bahar Law & Consulting Firm. 

Cakravala aims to enhance your experience in discovering and interacting with art by transforming the traditional gallery model and blurring the lines between different industries. We represent Indonesia’s diverse culture through tasteful curation by showcasing art that isn't limited to one medium.


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Cakravala Studios is a subsidiary of Cakravala that handles various levels of video and photo campaigns. Along with our in-house production team, we are here to help translate your ideas and transform them into meaningful stories — capturing creativity in imaginative ways. 


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