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"For, in the end, this is what audiences want from us: to have access to works of art in order to change them, to alter their experience of the world, to sharpen and heighten their sensitivities to it, to make it come alive or new for them, so they can walk away at a different angle to the world."

- Cuno

Cakravala is a digital platform showcasing the works of new and emerging artists. Holding solo and group exhibitions, the platform highlights Indonesia's diverse art and culture scene by representing it through a contemporary narrative. 

No different than a physical gallery, we aim to traverse the offline to an enriching online experience with a means to nurture the connection between you and our artists, without being restricted by the absence of physical space.


Cakravala is derived from the Indonesian word ‘Cakrawala’ which translates to ‘the horizon’. The horizon is defined as the line where the surface of the earth and the sky appear to meet - a sight of a line that divides two substances. Cakravala teaches the notion of looking at things from more than a one-dimensional perspective and raising curiosity toward other worlds. Cakravala is the horizon through which people can access and experience a heterogeneity space, making art accessible for younger generations and beyond.

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